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Philips Precision Optics F 2.5 Driver octayle




. However, on further inspection, it seems that all claims of the product are currently under a NDA. Which should be ok for a developer at the very least. After a conversation with the developer, it seems that the product is still in the early stages of development, and there's little in terms of information on it. On the website for the developer, there is a picture of the package which features the triple lumen but I'm not sure if the picture is a marketing picture or the final product. But still, it's just a picture of a package. What was shown to me was a small prototype, so I can't make any claims at this time. Now that I've said all that, let's look at the specifications. First off, it's a 55mm. As such, you're able to focus at F3.6 without any difficulty. While the first number is the maximum aperture, the second number is the f-stop. Which is a common convention for a modern lens. These specifications also indicate that it's a full length lens and it's a fixed aperture. As for the construction and materials, the lens uses a 9 elements in 6 group. It's also constructed of plastic which means that it should be a nice lightweight lens. Also, one of the main features of the lens is a 77mm focus ring. There are two ways to use the lens. You can use it as an f/2.5 lens, or you can use it as an f/2.5-4.5 lens. In the latter case, you need to know that you will be sacrificing a bit of light control over your subject. But with the lens's good efficiency and contrast, the compromise is not all that bad. Also, the lens is compatible with NEX and DSLR cameras. And that's pretty much all that I can tell you about the lens. I'm not exactly an expert when it comes to lenses, so I won't be able to say anything else. Well, that's all for now. If you know anything about this lens, I'd be grateful for you to let me know. You are actually right, the Canon EF-S 15-85 lens is much better than the Nikon 1 version, its contrast ratio is higher, it has a better resolution and color, not to mention the 15-85 lens is much more affordable than the Nikon 1 version. I'm also a Canon user and I agree with your opinion.



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Philips Precision Optics F 2.5 Driver octayle
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