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Robert Holub Reception Theory.pdf

By Robert C. Holub 1980 An E. Cited in the essay as Holub, Robert C. " 'Exchange-value is not a simple topic.' ... the concept of the literary work as a machine which is ‘applied’ to the world of cultural reception (including the biographical aspects of it, along with the ‘inner life’ of the author) thus entails that we can as easily think of the work as a machine which processes its own processes (internal processes, the biographical background, etc.) as we can of a machine which processes its consumers, that is, its readers and spectators. And as one of the functions of a literary text is precisely to create a productive link between the world of cultural production and the world of cultural consumption, the most appropriate and most insightful way to think about literary works as commodities is not as commodities. And the most appropriate and most insightful way to think about the text is as a text. Such a view, which would ascribe to literary works, and especially to literary texts, status as processes, can be called ‘dialogical’; and it is precisely this view which was most appealing to Schrift, Vattimo, and Ricoeur, and which a number of scholars are now trying to implement in Reception Theory. Those who are part of this ‘dialogical’ current of Reception Theory include Robert C. Holub, Martin Holub, Detlef Mertins, Wolfgang Meiler, Martin Schneider, Hans-Ulrich Schoenberg, Volker Zotz, Ernst Hermann Frankel, Wolfgang Hohn, and Ingeborg Ruppel, among others. Reception Theory has its roots in a number of thinkers and practices, including the so-called Young German tradition of Hermann Schmitz and . . Reception Theory and Cultural Theory, pp. 43–44. New York: State University of New York Press. As . . "Tradition and Reception Theory: On an Anniversary Note for Martin Holub," 23. "Can there be ‘Interpretation’ Without an Author?’: Issues in the Philosophy of Interpretation,” 45. 45. There is a wide range of Reception Theory practice: “From pioneering work by Albrecht Betz and Erich Koch on the reception of the Holy Qur’an and Meister Eckhart to more recent research on the reception

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'LINK' Robert Holub Reception Theory.pdf

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